Summer 2013 Update

Unexpectedly, just before Bedford River Festival in 2012 Orchard Delight was found to have a leak in her transom. It was apparent that repairs were necessary so we saw it as an opportunity to carry out an assessment of her condition. It had been 10 years since her last major restoration work. This is what happened:

July 2012

She had a new canopy, made to measure by Andy Chapman of Bedford.
Leak in her transom found.

November 2012

She was craned out of the water to hard standing, by Gary at Priory Marina, to be assessed.

February 2013

A boat survey was carried out by Brian Smith, marine surveyor.

July 2013 - Below is a pictorial account of the work carried out to date by P-J of Bedford which includes:

Hull stripped, rotten planks removed to port and starboard, replaced with new wood, cut to size.
Starboard chine partially replaced, vertical struts and planking around the head rebuilt and replaced.
Fuel tank removed and sub-structure which holds it strengthened and replaced.
Deck replaced, arch on deck rebuilt both sides.
Bilge and engine bay completely repainted with Danboline (International Paints) supplied by Jones of St Ives.
Whole boat sanded down.

Outstanding to be done at August 2013

Re-caulk hull, prime and repaint
Epoxy decks and paint
Strip and varnish sides
Repair/rebuild cabin/windscreen

Follow a pictorial account of the work carried out to date, below, and if you would like to be part of a working party undertaking the outstanding jobs please contact Denise and Stephen.

Orchard Delight Orchard Delight port side repairs
Repairs to deck carried out ten years ago need redoing Port side before - all planking needs replacing
Orchard Delight port side Orchard Delight starboard side
Port side after - all new made to measure planking Before - starboard side around the head area badly rotted and removed
Orchard Delight starboard side after Orchard Delight new vertical struts
After - rotted planking replaced with new, made to measure After - vetical struts to starboard have been replaced
Orchard Delight all planks replaced Orchard Delight vertical struts rotten
After - all planks have been replaced Before - rotten vertical struts and deck
Orchard Delight all decks have to be replaced Orchard Delight decks replaced
Before - all decks need to be replaced After - new replacement decks
Orchard Delight transom area Orchart Delight damage to transom
Before - transom was the first area of concern Before - rot damage to transom was even worse than we thought
Orchard Delight rebuilding transom Orchard Delight rebuilding transom, deck, hull
Rebuilding transom, deck and hull After - Transom, deck and hull repaired

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