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For some years there has been an annual reunion in Ely of the former employees of Appleyard & Lincoln. At the 2011 event, for the first time, the present skippers and crew of Appleyard & Lincoln boats were invited to join in. Today's owners of six of these wonderful boats were introduced to the designers and craftsmen who built them.

The event was so successful that in 2012 we planned a 'reunion by water', but sadly this was not to be as engine trouble and flooding prevented a lot of boats attending. On Sunday 1st July 2012, however, as part of the Ely Aquafest Jubilee, Appleyard & Lincoln boat owners and former employees did meet up in Ely. We enjoyed watching the boats parade, including Plover, with her new reproduction A&L burgee.

We hope to have all the boats together in Ely one day and are working with the Rotary clubs that organise this event to have a 'historic boat rally' in the future. Details will be on the Ely Aquafest website.

See us, below, swapping stories and reminiscing at the 2011 reunion and read Stephen's account of the event.


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