OD coming out of the water OD ready for work to begin
Out she comes..... Ready for work to begin and we've had a freak snowstorm
port-side hull port side hull
The extent of the work required to the port side hull begins to be revealed And continues.........
re-caulking the hull damage to deck
Re-caulking the hull (port side) Damage to the deck (starboard)
damage to deck repaired hull
A closer look Longview of the repaired hull
repaired deck clamped chine
And a close-up one New timber clamped to replace the damaged chine
part-repaired chine chine repair in progress
The chine repair continues And continues......
finalised chine repair close-up of final chine repair
The final piece is fitted And a close-up view
internal chine view internal view of repaired chine
Internal view of repaired port side chine in vee section Internal view of repaired chine centre section
rubbed down varnishing
Rubbed down Varnishing
nearly finished craning in
Re-varnished, re-painted and anti-fouled And back she goes—the moment of truth!


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